Aikido Adults Testimonials

Below you can find testimonials about Aikido practice at our dojo from current and previous adult students. If you have any questions please email us at info[at]

Adults Testimonials

“It may sound like an old cliché, but for me – practicing Aikido has become an integral part of my life. For more than 30 years this Japanese martial art has been bringing balance to my otherwise quite dynamic life.

Besides the physical form, visible on the surface, Aikido teaches values. Things like discipline, mutual respect, gratitude, appreciation… Seeking harmony and calming your spirit is at the heart of Aikido’s principles.
Inevitably, all of this filters in one’s life, changing it for the best.
And because Aikido is not a sport and does not have the concept of a competition, the only thing one should compare himself to, is his/her own ‘version’ from yesterday. Thus acknowledging the cumulative progress made.

I am really happy that I found all of the above at the dojo of Aikido de la Montagne.
After relocating multiple times across the globe and having to change dojos and teachers, I felt like home from the very first moment I joined ADLM five years ago.
I am grateful for the senseis at the dojo and all the awesome people I get to practice with.
It was and still is my safe harbor!. Ossu”

Galina Stancheva

“I was 26 when I watched my first aikido class at Aikido de la Montagne in 2006. After only a few moments of watching students roll I regretted my decision to sit on the sidelines—it was obvious that taking class was more fun, so I signed up for what would become a lifelong martial arts practice. My years spent training regularly at Aikido de la Montagne were wonderful, both for the incredible teaching and the strong and supportive community of practitioners from all over the world, and to this day many of my closest friends are ones I made on those mats! I now live hundreds of miles away, have trained at countless other dojos, schools, clubs and gyms, and Aikido de la Montagne remains my all-time favourite. It’s a true gem.”

Amber H.

“I started aikido in April 2001 when I was 41 years old, which proves that the practice of this martial art is not a matter of age despite my 62 years.
As a financial advisor, my job involves a lot of stress and aikido has always been the best remedy to combat this stress. In fact, I forget everything as soon as I enter the dojo. After each class I am relaxed physically and especially mentally. I must also point out that thanks to aikido, I have developed physical and mental skills that help me enormously in other sports activities.
I can’t pass over in silence all the beautiful encounters that I have made during the last years and that I will certainly continue to make. I have another passion in life and that is to travel and the dojo has allowed me to meet wonderful people from all continents.
It is certainly not excessive to say that aikido has made me a better person. I often tell my relatives that Aikido de la Montagne is my second home.
Come and see us and you will understand my words better.”
Daniel Laparé

“I still remember my first trial class. I was very anxious and disappointed as I couldn’t follow any movements. Yet Sensei and everyone’s patience and kindness were all that stayed with me that night. Many years have passed since that first class. Still, the kindness and that sense of community warm my heart every time I step into our ADLM dojo.
“Aikido is not a sport. Neither is it dancing or fighting. It is a form of moving meditation that starts with self-discipline and moves toward self-realization.” I love this definition, though I find Aikido is not something that can be explained by words (so you should come and try it). It has taught me so much and I can find all physical, mental and spiritual elements in the way we practice Aikido at ADLM. We learn to respect one another’s differences, appreciate our hard-earned progress, and share with each other moments of joy, or even sadness. I’m grateful to be part of a big fat family here at Aikido de la Montagne.”
Tam N.

“Many years ago, I came to the practice of Aikido after a serious accident at work which did not allow me to practice karate anymore. With time and a rhythm adapted to my handicap, Aikido imposed itself to me, more as a mental hygiene practice than as a martial one. By keeping its original ethics, our dojo is adapted to all practices and especially to all.
Try it. Because Aikido is to discover, or not.
We also practice iaido, a little-known martial art.
Welcome to our dojo.”
Lionel Noël

“For me practicing Aikido is a joy. It allows me to use my energy and develop an awareness of my body and my movements, even if I have always been a bit clumsy.

Learning is an adventure that makes me develop my ability to concentrate on the present moment and to center myself. The falls, the fluidity of the movements and the technical details can be challenging, but the spirit of cooperation and support from the instructors and colleagues at Mountain Aikido encourages me to follow the path and discover the mysteries of this beautiful art form and body expression.

Every time I come to the dojo I am sure I will have a fun practice and good company.”

Thiago O.

“As I was trying to maintain the sensitivity of my feet which was greatly affected by the winter, I decided to enroll in this beautiful traditional dojo in 2016. It turns out that aikido was a good alternative for a young man with asthma like me, as breathing plays a big role.

How could I not be fascinated by this martial art that does not rely on physical strength? Aikido quickly became a passion for me, especially since our instructors at the ADLM accompany us and invest a lot of time to transmit this fire that has animated them for so many years. I was warmly welcomed as soon as I took my trial class, and I had the chance to travel to several places to deepen the fundamentals during the seminars. I was also able to face the uncertainties of life thanks to the qualities developed during my practice: concentration, confidence, spontaneity, etc.

As I was talking about it once with one of my partners, it is the philosophy carried by aikido that makes the difference (the center, the non-distance, the aiki body, kokyu, shoshin, etc). These are timeless concepts that the pioneers of aikido took the time to explain in their books and that we are implicitly impregnated with at each practice in the dojo. But you have to feel it to understand it.”

Nicolas I.

“For more than a year and a half, it has been such a pleasure for me to go to the dojo and practice. The Senseis and partners of all levels are very attentive and patient, and have always supported and encouraged me, I am very grateful to them. So I can progress, at my own pace, despite the fact that I started aikido after more than twenty years of sitting and not much sports activity. My children have also taken classes at Aikido De La Montagne, and, according to my oldest son, knowing how to fall well has already served him well in avoiding a fracture during a basketball game.

Besides its martial aspect, aikido seems to me to be an excellent way to learn to control our movements and, very importantly, to relax our body and mind. We discover our physical and mental limits, we push ourselves to go beyond them, we become more humble, realizing how many years of practice and dedication are necessary to master techniques that seem simple at first glance. It is a privilege to be part of the La Montagne Aikido family. Thank you very much.”

George M.

“Practicing aikido helped me to maintain a balance in my life. Between school and adapting to a new culture, learning about your body’s capabilities in ways you didn’t know is rewarding.”

Cristina Penadillo