Aikido Youth Testimonials

Below you can find testimonials about Aikido practice at our dojo from current (and previous) children students and their parents. If you have any questions feel free to email us at info[at]

Children and Parents Testimonials:

“My two children started aikido in 2022 at Aikido de la Montagne.
The older one is very interested in the sophisticated techniques that are taught there.
The younger one really appreciates the warm atmosphere (often there are free cupcakes worthy of a professional bakery), and the fun (the children’s class also includes games!).
The relationship at the dojo is authentic: the student is not a client, and the teachers are themselves students. It’s a great environment to nurture motor development and self-discipline.
Thank you!”

Lionel Alberti

“My 7 year old son has been taking the children’s class at the dojo since he was 5 years old. Mohamed Sensei is an excellent teacher because he makes the training dynamic and fun, without neglecting discipline and respect for others and the place. During the pandemic, the class was held in a parent-student format. When everything returned to normal, I signed up for the adult class because it felt so good. If you are a parent looking for a good activity in downtown Montreal, I highly recommend Aikido!”
Paulo Botas

Child’s comment:
“I started Aikido 10 months ago. I really like my teachers Mohamed, Julie and after a few classes Luis.
I really like doing Aikido with weapons and I want to become a black belt!”

Loïc’s Dad comment:
“The teachers are very patient with Loïc as well as with other children.
The practice is well adapted to the children while leading them to learn the code of the dojo and the basics of Aikido.
Since Loïc has been practicing Aikido, he concentrates better, is more disciplined and integrates well with this martial art.
He is still as motivated as on the first day and does not hesitate to go to his practice.
I find it always so beautiful to see your own child growing, learning to control his body and improving in the practice of Aikido.”

“Thank you to the whole team of Aikido de la Montagne for the 10 beautiful years of instruction and guidance for my three children. Your good mood, kindness and dedication to teaching has allowed the children to learn in a beautiful atmosphere. They have gained confidence in themselves and are able to defend themselves with precision and efficiency, without hurting the other person. This has been helpful in their school life. Aikido training has also helped them to be better athletes, whether it is in climbing, soccer or skiing.
Thanks again for the good years.”
Uyen Ngo