Iaido Adults Testimonials

Below you can find testimonials about Iaido practice at our dojo from current and previous adult students. If you have any questions please email us at info[at]aikidodelamontagne.ca.

Iaido Testimonials

“The practice of Iaido is exciting! Come and try it. The instructors are all welcoming, patient and especially excellent teachers. You will find in this dojo both the conviviality and the seriousness of the practice. Everyone is welcome, whatever their level. It allows me to keep in shape, is a real moment of renewal in the week and I noticed that this practice brings me a better anchoring in different spheres of my life.”
Linda B. 44 yrs

“I have been practicing iaido since 2016. It is a very technical martial art that offers a good balance between physical effort and mental preparation. Indeed, the execution of the katas requires a great concentration to ensure the precision of the movements. The practice of iaido allows me to remain active while maintaining a certain intellectual stimulation. After a class, I feel like I’ve really detached myself from my daily life, which helps me better face the challenges that await me in my professional life.”

Simon T.

“The first time I felt the Kiyoikaze wind blowing over the ocean was in June 2020 when all became still
in this world. I discovered then the beauty of Iaido on-line training and this unexpected new way of
life became part of my daily reality. Aikido de la Montagne made it happen, a dojo I discovered long
time ago, with walls full of history and tatamis full of friends where I dreamed to be part of.
My dream became true…”
Liviu Popescu